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All American Braze Alloys LLC

We are a braze and solder alloy distributor located in New Jersey with competitive pricing and shipping to all states. We specialize in Plymetal Brazing Strip, Brazing Rings and Preforms, Silver Brazing Wire, Silver Brazing Paste, Copper-Phos Brazing Alloys, Lead-Free Solders and Dispensable Flux.

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Paste offers unbeatable economy in soldering and brazing by combining flux and alloy into one stable, smooth flowing premixed product. Many brazing alloys are available in paste form. All powders are inert gas atomized and screened to particle sizes ranging from fine to coarse. All of our brazing and soldering pastes are customized to meet the specific requirements of each application by selecting the proper alloy and flux in the perfect proportions to achieve outstanding joints.


Our powders are produced from pure metals. Our alloys used in each paste is first manufactured as a fine powder by a process called atomization. Each individual particle in our powder conforms to precise AMS and AWS alloy specifications.

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Spooled, coiled, wound or  straightened, our cutting capabilities enable wire to be cut to virtually any length and tolerance. Our rings are manufactured to customer drawing requirements and can accommodate endless part configurations and brazing methods.

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Alloy Charts

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